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Milu Hayong Cultural and Creative Co-branded Masks

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With the changes of the times and climate, Taiwan’s air and water sources have been severely polluted. In order to make Taiwanese people pay more attention to Taiwan’s environment and environmental issues, we invite the aborigines of Taiwan to lead us to maintain Taiwan’s environment and build a better life. Quality, to achieve sustainable survival and development of the environment, also because of the epidemic era, coupled with Taiwan’s air pollution, masks have gradually become indispensable items in life. In recent years, masks are no longer just medical equipment, but also tend to Designed single products, different patterns designed according to fashion trends, even when walking on the road, you can show your favorite style, APOCOK and aboriginal artist Milu·Hayong jointly launched a joint mask, a combination of Milu·Hayong’s works The characteristic elements and cutting techniques of the tribe are perfectly integrated with millennia of traditional culture and modern art, allowing more people to understand aboriginal culture and stories from simple mask patterns.

※Behind the photo of the work, there are mask discount options and photos of actual wearing for your reference!

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