Chen Mengyuan

birth year


place of birth

Taoyuan City

Work place



Shuren District, New Taipei City




Chen Mengyan has never received basic aesthetic education or related art work. It was not until early 2020 that he was transferred from an amateur to the ranks of art workers. Currently, he is full-time in color pencil painting at the "Muduo Workshop" in Pingzhen District, Taoyuan. Pet painter. Due to the 2020-new crown pneumonia epidemic triggered global international turmoil, coupled with the long-term commitment to the service industry, the mediocre life style made Chen Mengyan exhausted physically and mentally, determined to examine himself and re-establish the direction of life, and then began to paint. In the absence of a teacher, I chose to draw a pet painting with hand-colored pencils. The original intention of the creation is from "returning to the truth". I want to get rid of the roots of human nature and see the world through the eyes of pets. The loyalty and pure heart feelings of pets are easily moved. , The emotional exchange between the two is selfless giving but satisfaction, "simple but not simple, the most beautiful." People raising pets have nothing to do with the economy, rich or poor, and purely fill the lack of soul and emotion. This shows that people need to go through some refinement and precipitation before returning to the most primitive original intention to find themselves.