Platform Terms of Use

APOCOK Yabo Art e-commerce platform (website is WWW.APOCOK.COM, hereinafter referred to as "this website") is an e-commerce platform operated by Asiatech Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company"). This website is based on the "retail industry The following is the announcement of the "Guidelines for the Recording and Non-Recording of Internet Transaction Formalized Contracts" and the "Guidelines for the Recording and Not-Recording Matters of Internet Transaction Formalization Contracts". Standard, supplemented by announcements:

1. Company Information

1. The seller of this website is: Yade Information Co., Ltd.

2. Person in charge: Gong Dehui

3. Contact number: 02 26600060

4. Email:

5. Address of the business office: 3rd Floor, No. 10, Alley 33, Lane 18, Hengke Road, Xizhi District, New Taipei City

Second, the principle of formalized contract interpretation

If there is any doubt about the terms of this contract, it shall be interpreted in favor of consumers.

Ginseng, product information

The product name, price, content, specification, model and other related information presented on this website are part of the contract.

Four, using electronic files as a representation method

Both parties to the transaction agree to use electronic files as the method of presentation.

Five, confirmation mechanism and contract performance

Since the company still needs to confirm the inventory status with the artist after receiving the order, it usually takes at least three working days. Therefore, please use the information function of this website to contact the company for the type, quantity, price and other important matters of the goods before signing the contract. Confirmation; After the contract is established, the company will actually perform according to the contract content.

Land and product order quantity limit

When necessary, the company may set the upper limit of the quantity of individual consumers each order for specific products. When consumers exceed the upper limit set by the company to place an order, the company will only ship according to the upper limit.

Seven, delivery place and delivery method

The company will deliver the goods by home delivery. The location and method of delivery of the goods are selected by the consumer and delivered according to the consumer's choice.

捌, payment method description

Consumers can pay by online credit card, PayPal, remittance and other methods. If paying by online credit card or PayPal, consumers need to pay attention to themselves and confirm with credit card and other related companies on the creditor’s rights and debt relationship, interest calculation method, whether there is another credit insurance or not under the contract between the consumer and the credit card company. The setting or involvement of the guarantor, etc.

Nine, freight

The freight is borne by the company.

Right to pick up, return and cancel the contract

Consumers may exercise relevant rights in accordance with Article 19, Paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Law. However, due to the complicated overseas aviation operations, the company only provides return services for overseas consumers. Since the seven-day appreciation period is a "consideration period" and not a "probation period", the returned goods must still be in the state at the time of delivery, that is, the integrity of the goods, packaging, and invoices must be maintained, and the integrity of the original delivery Pack it and send it back.

One, personal data protection

The company shall comply with relevant laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

Handling of fraudulent use of account and password

The company should immediately suspend the processing and subsequent use of transactions generated by the account when it learns that the consumer's account password has been fraudulently used.

Gathering, system safety

The company shall ensure that the computer systems used for transactions with consumers have security that meets generally reasonable expectations.

Dispute settlement, consumer dispute resolution

In case of consumer disputes, consumers can e-mail to the company to appeal. The company should contact the consumers within seven working days after receiving the appeal and try to reach a consensus; if the two parties cannot reach a consensus, a third-party impartial unit will mediate.

Scavengers, other shopping needs

1. The works of art sold by our company through this website have been described by the author in detail and with physical photos attached. However, the works of art may have some traces or appearance due to the year of creation or the nature of the creative materials. Shangfei is new, and the photos will inevitably be different from the actual objects due to different shooting angles and light sources. Therefore, the delivered artwork is still subject to the actual object. Please confirm the nature of the artwork before purchasing. If you have any questions, please contact our company.

2. Member account, password and security
(1) To ensure service and transaction security on this website, your member account and password are set by you. When applying to register as a member, you should fill in the correct member information, and please update as necessary. It is recommended that you do not use the same password as that of other websites, and frequently change your personal password to maintain the security of your account.

(2) After completing the application and registration, you agree to keep your account and password properly and keep it confidential, including but not limited to: not divulging the account and password to third parties; not sharing the account and password with others; logging in in due course Out of this website, etc. The company will use the member account and password you set to verify your identity. In order to protect your rights, please do not provide the account to others.

(3) Except for cases where it is proved to be illegal use by a third party, you shall be fully responsible for the use of logging in with the correct account and password you set, and shall not arbitrarily deny any information or transactions provided on this platform.

(4) You declare and warrant that the basic information you fill in is correct and complete. If you violate the previous guarantee, the company has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse you to use the services of this website.

(5) If your account is fraudulently used or embezzled, you should notify the company immediately to avoid the expansion of damage. The company will assist in suspending the use of the account, and after clarifying the account use problem, reset the password to enable use according to your request.

(6) If it is necessary for the company to assist in handling member services, the company may check your personal or company information. If the information does not match the information logged in during registration, the platform will not be able to provide you with related services.

(7) You have the relevant rights to view and correct your member information.

(8) You can request to delete your member information, but please be aware that the service linked to the member information will not be provided smoothly.

3. Personal Data Protection

(1) The collection, processing and use of personal data shall respect the rights and interests of consumers and obtain the consent of consumers. It shall be done in accordance with honesty and credibility, and shall not exceed the necessary scope for the specific purpose of the contract, and shall be justified with the purpose of collection Reasonable connection.

(2) The company collects your personal data (including but not limited to name, address, ID number, birthday, address, mobile phone number, etc.), only for the purpose of notification of transactions on this website and related messages, and you agree to the company You may continue to collect, process, and use your personal data during the operation period, and use it only in areas where matters related to the collection purpose are processed. The object of use is limited to the person in charge or employee of the company; you can inquire or request the reading of the personal information provided by the company at any time, and request to make a copy (the company may charge a reasonable fee at the discretion of the Application for identification documents; those who entrust others to apply on their behalf shall also provide a proof of identity that can be confirmed.), request for supplementation or correction, request for cessation of collection, processing or use, or request for deletion. If you do not provide relevant personal information, please be aware that services linked to member information will not be provided smoothly, such as transactions on this website.

(3) In order to maintain the correctness of your personal information, the company shall correct or supplement it immediately upon your request. If the accuracy of personal data is disputed, the company shall immediately stop the processing and use of the data or take other protective measures.

(4) When the contractual purpose of processing personal data disappears or the time limit expires, the company shall stop processing and using the data. But it is not limited to those with your written consent.

(5) The company accepts your requests for inquiries, viewing, deletion, copying, stopping processing, and utilization of your personal data. They should be processed within 15 days and may be extended if necessary. The extended period shall not exceed 15 days. And shall notify you in writing of the reason.

(6) The company shall establish an identification code and pass code management system for access to personal data, and add data access control. Personal data files should be designated to handle security maintenance matters in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to prevent personal data from being stolen, altered, damaged, lost or leaked, and their file management should be audited regularly and irregularly.

(7) The company knows or holds your transaction records and other relevant information as a result of transactions, and shall be kept confidential and shall not be used improperly. If the company violates relevant regulations and causes damage to you, it shall be liable for compensation in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law and other relevant laws.

(8) This website may contain links to other websites due to advertisements or other cooperative promotional activities. If you click on the link to other websites, these terms and conditions will not apply. You must determine for yourself whether the relevant terms of the website are sufficient to protect your rights, and then decide whether to use the website services.

(9) Anything not covered in the announcement on this website is supplemented by the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law.

Four, service description

(1) This website provides services of online recommendation, matching and online sales of products for brand members and marketing partners. Members can use the full service of this website after completing the free online registration process and passing the company's review.

(2) If a member does not log in to this website for 180 consecutive days to use the service, the company has the right to suspend your right to use and to erase all the data you have stored on this website.

(3) You agree that the company can send relevant announcements or commercial messages to the e-mail box you used when you registered.

(4) If you find that your account and password has been accidentally lost or fraudulently used, the company shall immediately stop the processing and utilization of the transaction or take other protective measures after receiving your notice. If you request to provide information related to the transaction information during the fraudulent use period, the company shall not refuse and shall cooperate with you to verify it to prevent the damage from expanding.

(5) The service provided by the company adopts the membership system, and the membership agreement will regulate the joining conditions, the rights and obligations of members and other related matters. The membership agreement is also part of the contract. The rights that members enjoy after joining the Statute shall not be lower than those of non-members and those who subsequently join as members; their obligations shall not be higher than those of non-members and those who subsequently join as members.

(6) The computer system of this website through online transactions should automatically reply and ask consumers to reconfirm the device. After each transaction is completed, this website shall immediately use the computer system to automatically reply to notify the consumer or prompt the consumer to use the reconfirmation device to confirm, and after the consumer reconfirms, the transaction contract is established.

Five, members upload information sharing

You agree that the content uploaded and published on this website is by default open to all third parties for viewing, and you agree that the company may publicly display on the relevant system network of this service, including but not limited to the search service of this website, or the company’s Marketing activities held. Related content may also be publicly posted and shared with others.

6. Intellectual property rights
(1) The images, photos, videos, music, and other materials or speeches (hereinafter referred to as content) that you upload through this website shall ensure that they do not violate third parties including but not limited to copyright, patent rights, trademark rights, and business Secrets and other intellectual property rights or other rights, so as to avoid liability for infringement or illegality. If the content you upload causes our company to be requested by a third party for damages, you are willing to be liable for damages to the company, including but not limited to the damages claimed by the third party to the company, and related judgment fees.

(2) If the company is notified that the content you uploaded violates all rights and interests of others, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, the company has the right to delete all related content. If the company is notified of the relevant infringement and you ignore it, the company has the right to terminate your right to use all or part of the services of this website.

7. Service purpose and disclaimer

(1) The company will maintain the normal operation of this website in a manner and technology that meets the current generally reasonably expected security. The company has the right to suspend the provision of all or part of the services of this website under the following circumstances:

1. Relocate, replace, upgrade, maintain or repair related software and hardware equipment on this website;

2. Service suspension or interruption caused by natural disasters or other force majeure factors;

3. Service suspension or interruption due to service interruption of telecommunications or website companies or other reasons not attributable to the company;

4. This website has been affected by external forces and caused incorrect information options, or has been forged, altered, deleted or retrieved, resulting in system interruption or failure of normal operation;

5. The user violates these terms or laws and suspends or terminates the service for the user;

6. Other situations where the company believes it is necessary to suspend or terminate the service.

(2) When the company's foreseeable software and hardware maintenance plan may cause the website to suspend or terminate the service, it will make an announcement on this website in an appropriate manner as far as possible before the occurrence of the situation.

8. Governing law and competent court

(1) When all or part of any clause of this clause is invalid, it will not affect the validity of other agreements. The rights and obligations between you and our company shall be determined in accordance with the relevant regulations announced on this website. If there is any dispute, you can file a complaint or response to the customer service contact information recorded on this website, and both parties should uphold the utmost sincerity and resolve it through negotiation based on the principles of honesty and credibility, equality and reciprocity.

(2) The interpretation and application of these terms and disputes related to these terms shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China, and the Taipei District Court of Taiwan shall be the court of first instance jurisdiction.

About users

APOCOK is a platform for sellers to sell works. It is very important for us that our platform is reliable and safe for buyers and sellers to ensure the best customer experience and sales performance. This requires you to accept and abide by the rules set out in our terms and conditions.

  • Use your personal and correct personal information. When you create an account in a country supported by Apocok, you need to register truthfully, provide correct personal information, and provide valid identification as required. If we cannot identify and verify your identity, we may not be able to send you a payment.
  • To protect the security of your account, you are responsible for your account and keep your login information confidential. Please do not share with others. If you suspect that someone else knows your login details, you must change your password immediately and notify us.
  • You can delete your account
    Apocok reserves the right to refuse the request to delete the account under certain circumstances, for example, when you recently sold an auction item and are involved in a public claim with the buyer or you have unpaid payment obligations that need to be fulfilled in Apocok.
  • Account password and security

You must keep the member and user IDs, passwords, and registered emails you filled in during registration, and it is recommended to log out after using them, and do not transfer or lend them to third parties. Members and users shall be responsible for all actions on this website after logging in with this information. If members and users find that their ID, password, and email address used for login have been leaked or stolen, and have abnormal login and use behaviors, they should inform the company as soon as possible. The company will assist in processing and solving, but does not bear any liability .

  • Intellectual property rights

The code, webpage design language and software used in the website and services are protected by laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights. Without the authorization of this site, members and users are not allowed to modify, rent, sell, or distribute part or all of this service, or According to derivative works, any rights to transfer software by other means. The sponsored advertisements and information presented on this website are protected by copyright, trademark right, patent right or other exclusive rights. Without the authorization of this website or advertisers, no derivative works may be copied, modified or created. All content uploaded by members and users, members and users guarantee that they have legal and complete copyright and intellectual property rights, and that the above content does not violate laws or any other infringements on the rights of third parties. Once you upload, transmit, enter, publicly transmit or provide any information to this website, you are deemed to have permanently, non-exclusively, and freely authorized. This website can be used unconditionally for public benefit or private benefit, including but not limited to modification , Remake, public broadcast, alteration, dissemination, distribution, public publication, public transmission of such materials. You have no objection to this. This website has the right to compile and edit the use of the aforementioned data, but without your authorization, the data uploaded by you will not be sold or transferred individually. All content uploaded by members and users shall ensure that the use, modification, remake, public broadcast, alteration, dissemination, distribution, public publication, and sublicense of such materials on this website will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other person. Liability for damages. Members and users shall be fully responsible for disputes arising from violations of the aforementioned relevant legality. If the company suffers damages as a result, they shall also be liable for the resulting damages.

Supported countries

The services and sales supported by APOCOK's e-commerce platform include the following countries/regions:

United States





Auction item policy

APOCOK is a platform for sellers to sell works. It is very important for us that our platform is reliable and safe for buyers and sellers to ensure the best customer experience and sales performance. This requires you to accept and abide by the rules set out in our terms and conditions.

A large number of different auction items can be sold on Apocok. Please read our category guidelines to see which auction items we accept and do not accept. Please note that you can only provide auction items that are normally allowed to be traded.

  • You must deliver the auction item to us and we will conduct the auction.
  • You must have the right to sell the auction items. It is very important to us that you are the legal owner of your auction items, or you are authorized to sell them by the owner. If you are not, we will not process your payment. You are strictly prohibited from offering auction items as part of a false transaction, for example for the purpose of money laundering. We are obliged to report suspicious transactions to the authorities.
  • Your auction item description is clear, honest, detailed and accurate.
    Please mention any wear, defects or blemishes to prevent claims.
  • Your auction items and uploaded materials must be original and authentic. Do not infringe the rights of others, such as copyright and trademark rights. This also means that you cannot use other people's photos, including other Apocok users.
  • Once the auction item is being auctioned you cannot cancel it, which means you must sell it to the winning bidder. When auction items are auctioned at Apocok, please do not offer them elsewhere. We will not tolerate sellers disappointing our buyers because they no longer own the auction item at the end of the auction.

During the auction

  • You may not bid for your own auction items. You may not bid for your own auction items or auction items of people who have contact with you. This is called shill bidding. We regard raising the price as a very unfair and illegal transaction, therefore, we do not allow such behavior.
  • Please use our mutual messaging system fairly. We have an automated system to detect attempts to trade off the platform. If you do this, we will not provide any payment or customer service and may eventually terminate your account.

After the auction

  • The auction items must be shipped within 3 working days after payment. We will notify you on the day we receive payment from the buyer.
  • Be proactive when there is a problem. You are responsible for dealing with any problems related to sales, such as inconsistencies in goods and shipping issues. If there is a problem with your auction item, we hope you find a solution with the buyer. If necessary, Apocok can mediate. If you cancel the sale due to your failure to fulfill the obligations stipulated in the purchase agreement, we expect you to arrange a return at your own expense.
  • Be respectful, open and consistent in communication. This applies to your communication with buyers and Apocok employees. Please do not use insulting language, do not use inappropriate language, insults, threats and discrimination.
  • Respect the privacy of others and only use the personal data of other users to complete sales and deliveries. Please do not use personal data in commercial ways, such as sending unsolicited communications.

We use data analysis to monitor and ensure compliance with our rules. We believe that you will use Apocok in a fair and appropriate manner. Users who violate the rules may be subject to the risk of temporary loss of bidding rights, suspension of their sales rights, financial penalties and account closure.

Transaction Fees

  • The following rates apply to the transaction fees incurred after placing an order and completing the transaction in Apocok.

Buyers and sellers do not have to bear the shipping costs, but the selling price of each work sold by the seller will deduct a platform transaction fee.

Transaction fees for each category

  • If the platform auction is successful, Ping will charge a 20% platform transaction fee for each transaction.