Yang Jiarong

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Master of Arts, Institute of Arts, Chinese Culture University; Ph.D. of Arts, Institute of Chinese Studies, Xuanzang University




Yang Jiarong


Ph.D. in Literature, Chinese Institute of Xuan Zang University, Master of Arts, Art Institute of Chinese Culture University, Bachelor of Law, Furen University. University associate professor, painter, writer. He has taught at the National Air University, and has served at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Yuda University, China University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Normal University, etc. He has taught for more than 18 years, and his subjects include art and literature. There are 18 solo painting exhibitions and more than 40 joint exhibitions. More than 80 papers on art, aesthetics, and literature have been published in academic journals; 17 personal works, representative works: "Art and Life & Mdash; Soaring of Visual Aesthetics", "Art Aesthetics & Mdash; Mysterious Chinese and Western Paintings", "Literary and Art "Aesthetics Collection", "On the Business Situation of Scholars in the Yuan Dynasty", "Art Appreciation & Colorful Western Paintings" and so on.