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It's like a song praising "friends": The wide desert has no bounds and the wishful string   Xinzhi slowly twists out the dusty sound The sound of sweetness is better than the dew Aspirations of life and compassion   illusion the beautiful sounds of Buddhas Lightly close, slowly twist, and then pick, six degrees and four fingers Sancheng Luyi Qin He Ya   the basic branch and chord wonderful Respect all Buddhas with a voice The beautiful sound of the piano is said to be   quiet and silent interpretation of the true meaning Zhu Gushinren converge to hear the sound The heart is alive
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Liao Linger

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Insist on exploring the truth, the good and the beauty   incorporate Chinese elements  

——Liao Ling and creative    modern new literati painting with painting to write poetry


Do not retreat for decades

   "A good heart does not have to be gorgeous, but it must be strong; the painter's heart may not be colorful, but full of persistence!" In the labyrinth of life, I spent the first half of my life looking for the entrance to beauty, and the second half of my life to find the true exit.

   Painter Liao Ling has spent most of his life in the field of art, and found that life becomes simpler and simpler, and his painting style becomes more and more abstract. From amateur to professional, no matter how hard he is, he never gave up the persistence in his heart.

   In her paintings, from realism to freehand brushwork to abstraction, from impressionism to surrealism to splash-ink painting, she has been studying new painting methods, so as to draw the soul’s most primitive stringed musical notes and watch the inner life. The scenery continuously expands the field of vision, waving the soft beauty of the flowers hidden in the chest, and creating his own poetic style.


Using paintingModern new literati painting for writing poetry

   University is the president of the Modern Poetry Club. Years of poems are published in major newspapers, magazines and media, and then the spiritual experience of decades of incubation is transformed into the ability to paint, because happiness and pain are both It is not a real existence, but only the feelings of the human heart in chaos and obsessions. This feeling is expressed in the picture. In the early stage, it becomes a calm and rich surreal style, and in the near future it becomes a bold and unrestrained splash-ink abstract painting.

   The 2020 splash-ink painting series are painted with keen observation and a soft heart, such as "Soul Mate Dance", "Life at ease", "Sailing", "Flying Swallows Home", "Waiting", "Splendid Hill and Gully", "Herds of Cows and Hearts", "Unity of Heaven and Man", "Flying Geese", "Symphony", "Watching Waterfall", etc. are all ink splashing techniques, the principle of automatic separation of oil and water, and the ethereal situation from traditional Chinese paintings , Plus a lot of ingenuity.

   In the picture of "Tai Chi Peony", the yin from Tai Chi is born from yang, and yang starts from yin, and it lasts and alternates continuously. In "Shedding Cows and Hearts", the cow is a metaphor for the self-consciousness of the meditation chain. The rope is tied so that the heart does not climb around, and perches quietly in the shade of happiness, while the heart is white and pure like a snow-capped mountain.

   "Dance of Soul Mate", the crane in the painting is taken from the story of the crane. Because cranes are monogamous for life, they dance together in the season of love and seek out the other half of the same frequency to become a soul mate. The background is an abstract painting created by the separation of oil and water in splashed ink and the automatic flow of paint, with soft and beautiful colors.

   "Goose Flying Ten Thousand Miles", three wild geese metaphors the strength of flocking together and the courage to fly over the mountains and the sea. The background automatically flows out of the mountains and the sea with splashed ink, which is extremely rare.

   "Huarui Crossing the River" quotes the Diamond Sutra, "all things are like dream bubbles". All the phenomena of life are like dreams and unreal, but also like bubbles in the water. They disappear when they float on the surface, and they are like dewdrops in the morning. , The lightning in the sky, I see it now, and disappear in the next moment. The roses in the painting symbolize things in life, and they are beautiful and attractive. The shadows of flowers are reflected on the water, which are both intangible and easy to disappear; the Pisces in the water represent the sun and the moon, revolving around the dying bubbles. Do not cling to the fleeting external things, and pursue the abundance of the soul.
   "Huarui Crossing the River" is a painting that explores the answers to life. In fact, life has its birth and death, and it is not attached to the temporary existence of the shadow. What is the meaning of the life process? Life is a journey of learning, dedication, and sharing .

   "Raindrops! Raindrops! Golden raindrops, pounce on you who are merciful...", inspired by the praise of the same name "Golden Raindrops", the golden raindrops beating with the notes are also teacher Liao Linger's favorite One of the works. When facing setbacks and difficulties, I always feel that the surroundings are dark, and a bright light is projected on the white lotus. The golden raindrops metaphor the bodhisattva sprinkling the water of great compassion, nourishing the body and mind of all things, and gaining positive energy before standing up.

   Liao Ling uses his ability to write and practice to paint and call the soul, encouraging people to be brave to become spiritual warriors. All setbacks and traumas are the most honorable badges of warriors.

   has both expertise in painting and writing. For her, it is a tool for communicating between the inner world and the outer world; she tells everyone that she can be at ease and improve her soul. And her ambition is to share the positive power, help others establish the purpose of life, and find the value of life.


Return to nature, return to nature
   Liao Linger said, “I’m like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I found the golden magic shoes that can go home. To the pure land of the soul.” Now living in seclusion in the countryside, this is a dream since childhood, living with nature, enjoying the tranquility of meditation, and pursuing spiritual freedom. In addition to practice and creation, he also writes new books related to faith, concurrently serves as a teacher of Chinese composition and art, teaching children to learn from the wisdom of the ancients and cultivate a positive outlook on life.
   Finally, Liao Ling and the teacher pointed out with a smile, “I am like a fool. I don’t aim to make money, but I am very happy. To work for my ideals, I will continue to paint and practice, and share as much as I can. Hope By conveying spiritual ideas, we will gain everyone's affirmation and support."

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It's like a song praising "friends":
The wide desert has no boundaries, the wishful string letter refers to the slow twisting of the dust, the sound is sweet and the praise is spreading, the pious intention, the blue sky, the life is willing, the compassion, the charm of the Buddhas, the beautiful sound, the slow twist, the pick six degrees, the four fingers, and the Jiao Lao Sancheng Lv Yiqin Heya, the fundamental branch, the chord, and the wonderful sound, pays tribute to all the Buddha’s majesty, elegant, elegant, and good piano sound, beautiful cause and reason, silence and silent interpretation of the true meaning.

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