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Flowers are very popular and loved by everyone.
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Zhong Gongzhe

Master of Fine Arts, School of Art, Chinese Culture University, studied plastic art in France, and laid a solid foundation in realistic painting. He is currently teaching at the university. He has long been engaged in art creation and devoted himself to art education, teaching drawing, watercolor, oil painting and lacquer painting. In recent years, he has studied "Post-Cubism" paintings, incorporating Eastern and Western perspectives into his creations, presenting the interest of multiple spaces, and his works are unique. He also served as the Secretary-General of the Post-Cubist Painting Association, promoting post-dimensionality He has participated in many joint and solo exhibitions at home and abroad. In addition, he has also devoted himself to the research and creation of the emerging painting type "lacquer painting". The lacquer painting uses natural lacquer (natural juice cut from the lacquer tree, also known as lacquer) as the medium , Using ancient media as the form of expression of painting, presenting contemporary art with different textures and aesthetics. His works have participated in cross-strait lacquer painting exchange exhibitions for many times, and he has unique insights into the performance of lacquer painting. Currently, he is also the founding committee of China Lacquer Painting Society. As a director, promote the creation of lacquer painting.

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Zhong Gongzhe

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Flowers are very popular and loved by everyone.

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