Chen Yingru

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Master of National Taiwan University of Arts





The themes of Chen Yingru’s works often take Taiwanese folklore and traditional Chinese people, things, and things as the protagonists, combined with the events and stories encountered in life as the main axis, and use an independent and pure state of mind from the perspective of a third party. Express the feelings and experiences of the environment. Using "heart and mind" to integrate self-imagination, unconstrained subconsciousness, rich colors, and humorous shapes into the paintings makes the picture constitute a highly self-consciousness! My artworks are influenced by people, events and real stories that take place in our daily lives. I try to express in-depth feelings and thoughts from personal experience and environmental issues in a third person perspective by a perfect combination of Taiwanese folk custom & Chinese traditional culture. With rich colors, humorous characters and a passion for art, these paintings show unlimited imagination and unique expression for life.